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"Noryo Yuka" or dining terraces on the Kamo River, a summer attraction of Kyoto, opened the evening of May 1. According to the Kyoto Local Meteorological Office, that day's high was 30.0 degrees Celsius, recording this year's first day of real summer heat, comparable to early July. In a pleasant breeze that began to blow at dusk, patrons enjoyed eating and drinking while listening to the music of the Gion Festival”Ēs "Naginata Hoko" float.
A growing number of departments and courses in universities in Kyoto have begun requiring overseas studies. As the Japanese government promotes internationalization of universities, each university is making its own efforts. Among these, Ritsumeikan University has decided to permanently establish an education program that requires studying in China and Korea respectively for one year from the 2016 academic year.
In time for the spring tourist season, owners of retail stores in the Fushimi-Momoyama area, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, have published a map aimed at foreign people. Incorporating foreigners' opinions, the map includes information about shops commonly-used by residents and places overlooked by Japanese people.
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