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To publicize the attractions of Otsu City and Lake Biwa to foreign tourists, Biwako Otsu Tourist Association has called for cooperation from foreigners living in the city to help make a video. Each participant danced inside a huge transparent ball that floated on the water to promote their favorite places. This time, filming took place at the Biwako Hotel in Hamamachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.
While the number of tourists to Kyoto City has marked a record high for the second consecutive year, opinions, expressing concern about the effect of the tourist increase on citizens' lives and questioning its positive effect on the local economy, were raised one after another before the committee on economy and general affairs at the Kyoto City Assembly on June 22. The city government called for understanding, indicating efforts to improve tourists' manners and analyze the economic effect.
On June 22, Panasonic Corporation and JTB Corp. announced their cooperative relationship in the tourism sector to develop new services for foreigners visiting Japan, etc. As the first step, they are scheduled to conduct a field trial of multi-lingual, automated translation machines from this July. They'll expand the business in response to the increasing number of visitors coming to Japan thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
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