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Yusa Shirai, a company employee from Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, was selected as the 60th "Saio-dai," or heroine of the Aoi Festival, one of the three major Kyoto festivals, which will be held on May 15. The "Aoi-Matsuri Gyoretsu Hozonkai," or Aoi Festival procession conservation group, made the announcement on April 10.
Tazima Diana Nathalli, a 22-year-old Brazilian national living in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, has been assigned a new post at Azai Junior High School in the same city this month. According to the Shiga Prefectural Board of Education, she is the first Brazilian teacher recruited for a public school in the prefecture. She has been hired a as a full-time lecturer rather than as a regular teacher due to her not being a Japanese citizen. Regardless, she is excited, saying, "I am happy that I have realized my dream of becoming a teacher in Shiga Prefecture, the place that I love so much."
In time for the spring tourist season, Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau has prepared a new guide map to introduce sightseeing spots and accommodations near the city subway. In response to the increase in foreign tourists, the guide map is written in four languages, Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
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