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The number of foreign tourists continues to increase. It appears Japan is steadily moving toward its goal of 20 million foreign visitors annually in anticipation of the approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, David Atkinson airs objections to the present situation in his new book titled "British Analyst Nihon no Kokuho wo Mamoru," or a British analyst conserves Japanese national treasures, published by Kodansha +alpha Shinsho. He made an unprecedented career change from working at a major U.S. securities company to becoming the president of a long-established restoration company for Japanese cultural properties.
The number of facilities which sell a prepaid "SIM card," or a plastic card inside a smartphone or a tablet terminal for domestic data communication, for foreign tourists, is increasing in the Kansai region. Even in Kyoto, hotels and information centers for transportation started selling SIM cards from this summer. The Ministry of Internal Affairs expects the demand to increase further and is encouraging the spread of SIM cards.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Kyoto Tower in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto will establish "Tawawa-jinja" Shrine, named after "Tawawa-chan," or the tower's mascot, on the observation deck on December 28, which is the anniversary of the tower's opening. The shrine will be promoted as the highest power spot in the city and they are planning to sell votive pictorial plaques and fortune slips.
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