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As the Biwako Ohashi Bridges, which connect Otsu City and Moriyama City in Shiga Prefecture, will mark their 50th anniversary this year, a commemorative ceremony will be held on September 28. The 1.4-kilometer-long southern bridge will be pedestrianized for the first time since its opening. The anniversary will be celebrated through events such as 1,000 people holding hands while standing in a row on the bridge and others.
"Kyoto Osanpo Deko-boko Chizu" or a map that comprehensibly describes Kyoto Basin with its many ups and downs was published. The map with clear representation of differences in heights helps relive Kyoto's history nurtured by its topography.
A leading seeds and seedlings company, Takii & Co., Ltd. in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, has improved vegetable cultivars with enhanced nutrition value. They nearly doubled the types of vegetable and launched a dedicated website. Furthermore, some of these vegetables have been adopted by a major food company as its own vegetable brand.
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