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A French architect and others renovated an empty building located in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, and have started running "Yokai SOHO" which has space to be utilized for an art gallery, accommodations, and other purposes. In the Nishijin area where traditional streetscapes can still be found, they have created an atmosphere of "Wa," or Japanese style, with the use of Kitayama cedar and Japanese garden landscaping to please foreign tourists. The architect said, "I want to make a space that is transformed by visitors and also make the place a new cultural base."
On August 20, Kintetsu Corporation adopted a system of "Station Numbering" to represent stations using letters of the alphabet and numbers, in response to the rapidly increasing number of foreign tourists. Notations will be added to signs in the stations, etc. by next January. English announcements will be started sequentially at stations and on trains from this fall.
Utilizing skills developed in traditional crafts, young craftspeople are engaged in producing interior goods for Western-style rooms, which are better suited to modern lifestyles. Sales to hotels and restaurants will go into full swing in order to expand the use of paper lanterns and roof tiles.
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