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Some international exchange organizations and students in Kyoto have taken measures in order to safely evacuate foreign visitors and residents who are in Kyoto when a large-scale disaster happens. They have prepared not only a map of evacuation centers written in English, but also a guide manual for visitors from abroad. The producers appeal to the public, saying "We want foreign people to make use of these materials in case of emergency."
Connecting Kyoto City and Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, along the Hozu River, Sagano Romantic Train, a sightseeing tram managed by Sagano Scenic Railway Co., Ltd., restarted operation on March 1, after a two-month interval. Despite the ill-timed rain, the tram full of tourists, parents and children slowly began its run along the gorge, which is awaiting the arrival of spring.
Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd., a major sake brewer based in Kyoto City's Fushimi Ward, together with Wakabayashi, a clothing company based in Nakagyo Ward responsible for the Sou Sou garment line, released an alcoholic drink aimed at young women particular about eventual fate of the bottle on March 9.
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