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The repair of the tail corridor behind the "Ho-o-do," or Phoenix Hall of Byodo-in Temple, a World Heritage Site located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, was completed on September 8, finalizing the Heisei Era major repairs which took two years. All the construction covering was removed to reveal the whole view of the temple complex, which reportedly represents a landed phoenix with outstretched wings.
The demand for kimono rental has been increasing in Kyoto. This business is popular mainly among young women and foreign visitors, and kimono rental companies have been expanding their assortment and services. A kimono accessories trading company in the Muromachi area, Kyoto, is expecting kimono fans to increase.
On September 6, Japan's first artificially-incubated Japanese young cormorant for traditional cormorant fishing on the Uji River entered the river in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture for the first time. With occasional splashes, the cormorant swan smoothly on the surface of the river. Three cormorant fishers warmly watched over its "leaving the nest" as its foster parents.
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