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"Gozan Okuribi" bonfires, an event to send off the spirits of ancestors who were welcomed during the O-bon holidays, was held in Kyoto City on the night of August 16. Although it rained heavily during the day, it had mostly stopped by evening. The lighting up started as scheduled on each of the mountains, staging a magnificent scene of flames burning the night sky.
Kyoto City is providing an English course for city officials to enhance their language ability in order to transmit information internationally on the Kyoto brand and attract more foreign companies. This is the city's first attempt and aims to cultivate the ability to convey Kyoto's culture and history. Until October, participants are learning English expressions about themes including Japanese food, Geiko and Maiko, the Emperor and shoguns.
Women's clothing and accessories brand "Aogoromo," with a focus on indigo-dyeing, was launched by textile manufacturer "Willbe Corporation" of Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto. It is a rare occasion for a Western-style clothing brand to adopt indigo-dyeing, which is mainly used for kimono and handcrafts.
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