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The Aoi Festival, the first of Kyoto's three major festivals, was held on May 15 in Kyoto City, which was filled with the pleasant smell of young leaves. With "Futaba Aoi" or Asarum caulescens, swinging back and forth, the roughly-800-meter-long procession, consisting of 511 participants in court costumes, as well as 40 cows and horses, proceeded along the streets of the ancient capital, reenacting picturesque scenes of the Heian Period.
Colorful vegetables, such as carrots in three colors and green peppers in five colors, are gaining popularity at the forest farmer's market "Shunsai no Sato" in Kumiyama Town, Kyoto Prefecture. They have been grown by Kumio Nishimura, a farmer in Ojima, Kumiyama Town. He enthusiastically said, "I want to surprise consumers with not only appearance and but also taste."
Roses at Moriyama Rose and Herb Garden in Sazukawa-cho, Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, are currently at their finest. The colorful large flowers and their sweet fragrance are delighting visitors to the garden.
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