Kyoto Shimbun 2014.4.6 News

Lacquered "Guinomi" Cups for Japanese Sake
PR by Kyoto "Kanpai Jorei"

In response to the municipal ordinance "Seishu (Japanese Sake) de Kanpai Jorei," or toast with a cup of Japanese sake act, which took effect last year, "Kyoto Shikki Kogei Kyodo Kumiai," a cooperative association of Japanese lacquerware craftsmen, in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, has focused on producing lacquered "Guinomi," or large sake cups, which were rare before. They promoted them, saying, "People should enjoy a pleasant feeling on their mouth that's different from pottery."

In addition to toasting with a cup of Japanese sake, the ordinance aims to increase the use of traditional crafts. Attempting to widen the uses of lacquerware, the association called for its members to produce lacquered Guinomi cups.

In the lacquerware exhibition "Kyo Shikki Ten" held this March in Kyoto City, a dedicated area for Guinomi cups was set up, and 21 kinds of lacquered cups, more than double last year, were displayed. Techniques vary, ranging from "Ikkan-nuri," which has a unique texture lacquered on thin Japanese paper covered woodenware, to "Tate-nuri," which has a brilliant finish lacquered with a brush. They produced Guinomi cups lacquered in vermilion, black and green.

In the future, they plan to produce Guinomi cups in which the bottom is worked with the makie technique. Koji Ishikawa, a managing director of the association, said, "Much lacquerware is used as decorations, however, we would like people to pick them up and use them in daily life."

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo= Lacquered Guinomi cups produced by members of Kyoto Shikki Kogei Kyodo Kumiai (Miyakomesse, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto)