Kyoto Shimbun 2014.4.18 News

Kyoto's Attractions Broadcast in 12 Languages
New Edition of DVD Produced

Kyoto City Government has added four languages to the DVD created to show Kyoto's attractions to foreign countries, making the DVD a 12-language edition. It introduces Kyoto's history, culture, environment and more through beautiful images.

Newly added languages are Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian. The city improved the DVD's contents to promote tourism, aiming to attract students and tourists from Islamic countries.

Two thousand copies of the approximately 10 minute DVD have been produced. The DVD introduces festivals, including Gion Festival, as well as temples and shrines, Japanese food and traditional culture which have all been nurtured by its 1,000-year history. They will be distributed to groups such as organizations for international interaction, universities, companies, foreign culture centers in Japan, and so on. For more information, call Kyoto City's International Relations Office at 075-222-3072.

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo = Newly produced 12-language edition DVD