Kyoto Shimbun 2014.2.12 News

Popular Incense Sold in Small Portions
Shoyeido Opens New Store at Hachijo Entrance, Kyoto Station

Shoyeido Incense Co., an incense producer and distributor headquartered in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, opened its new store "Shoyeido Kunkun" in the "Asty Road" shopping mall at the Hachijo Entrance of JR Kyoto Station, Shimogyo Ward. Popular incense packaged in small portions will be marketed as a new item for tourists and others.

This is the company's third store in Kyoto Prefecture. It has an area of 70 square meters. Its white-based facade is meant to recall the image of Kyoto's cityscape.

The new product line is called "Kunkun." The company has developed approximately 200 kinds of incense, and of those, 20 popular ones, such as lavender and jasmine, are being sold in small portions at the new store exclusively. A box for use in Buddhist services contains 16 sticks, and one for home use has 8 sticks. Prices range from 315 to 1,050 yen.

Scent sachets, incense burners and trays are also available. A Shoyeido representative said, "We would like more people try our incense in easy-to-use amounts and prices at our convenient location." For more information, call Kunkun at 075-693-5590 (Japanese language inquiries only).

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo= Newly opened "Shoyeido Kunkun" near the Hachijo Entrance of JR Kyoto Station (Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto)