Kyoto Shimbun 2014.6.19 News

Buddhist Altar Article "Orin" Wind Bells on Sale
Nishi Hongwanji Temple Town

The sale of wind chimes made from "Orin," or a metal bowl used in Buddhist ceremonies, has started in the temple town of Nishi Hongwanji Temple, in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, where many Buddhist altar stores are lined up. The lingering tones of the chime offer us a pleasant respite amid the heat.

The local residents group "Shokuryu Machi Zukuri Project Team," a management organization for the Shokuryu area, has hung the wind chimes under the eaves of private houses and stores in the temple town during the summer only for the past five years. They weren't available for purchase, however many visitors and worshipers wished to buy them, so the group decided to sell the wind chimes.

The wind chime is designed to sound when the Buddhist rosary hanging on the inside hits the upside-down "Orin." The temple town's mascot, "Orin-chan," is depicted on a strip of paper.

Naohide Usami, the project team leader, said, "This tone is just like a temple town. We hope that people buy this chime as a memorial item of their visit to Nishi Hongwanji Temple, or sightseeing in Kyoto."

Wind chimes cost 1,500 yen each. They are sold at Hachida Tamotu Syouten, 075-371-5291, at Marusan Butsudanten, 075-371-1626, and at Yamamoto Kametaro Shoten, 075-371-1336.

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo= Wind chimes made from the Buddhist altar article "Orin" are now on sale in the Nishi Hongwanji Temple town.