Kyoto Shimbun 2014.3.30 News

Promoting Kyoto Anime and Comics
Anime Shop Opens in Nakagyo Ward

Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop, or an antenna shop for Kyoto-related anime and comic goods opened on March 29, in Kawaramachi Nishi-iru, Takoyakushi-dori, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, as a part of the prefectural and city governments' project to revitalize the content industry. The shop was crowded with many fans from the first day.

With an area of 35 square meters, the shop sells 300 types of goods, including stationary and towels featuring anime set in Kyoto, such as "Hakuoki" and "Uchoten-Kazoku," as well as "Tomoe," the official character of Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair, which takes place every autumn.

Following that day's ceremony, lined-up fans entered the shop one after another to buy goods. Two first year students at Hanazono High School, were pleased and said, "There are many anime goods shops in Osaka, but we are happy to have a shop with Kyoto-related goods in our neighborhood."

This February the prefectural and city governments established the "Kyoto Cross-Media/Creative Center" or KCC, to develop the content industry. Koichi Hosoi, a professor at Ritsumeikan University and vice chairman of the KCC strategy committee, said, "We would like to make Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop a base from which we promote the attraction of Kyoto's content industry."

The shop is closed on Mondays. A takeout-only cafe will open in late-April. For more information, call Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop at 075-229-6373 (Japanese language inquiries only).

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo= Newly-opened Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop sells about 300 types of Kyoto-related anime and comic goods (Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto)