Monthly Events (October)

Jidai Festival
This is one of the three most representative of Kyoto's festivals, along with the Aoi Festival and the Gion Festival. It was first celebrated in 1895 to mark Kyoto's 1100th anniversary of becoming the Heian capital and home of the emperor. The central event of this festival is a parade featuring large numbers of people demonstrating the customs from each of the major historical periods from the Meiji Restoration back to Heian times. The parade starts from the Imperial Palace and moves on foot for about four kilometers all the way to the Heian Shrine. The rows of women in period costume among the processions of people representing each period add great color to the parade.

Enquiries: Kyoto Tourist Association (075-751-0221)
The route of the procession is as follows:
Kenreimon in the Imperial Palace (start at 12:00 pm) to Karasuma Oike (12:50 pm) to Kyoto City Hall (1:00 pm) to Sanjo Keihan (2:00 pm) to Heian Shrine (2:20 pm) Admission free (paid seating is available)

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