Hidari-daimonji Funagata Myo-Hou Myo-Hou
Gozan Okuribi
Gozan Okuribi, the five fires lit on the five mountains that surround Kyoto, is a summer-time spectacle of the city. It takes place on the last day of the Bon period (August 16), and the fires are lit to send off the spirits back to the nether world from where they have been visiting this world since August 14. Chinese characters and buddhist-related forms are etched in fire on the mountain side when the torches are set alight. From around 8:00 p.m., the mountains are transformed as one by one Daimonji, Myo-Hou, Funagata, Hidari-daimonji, and Toriigata scour the night air.

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