Headline News
Kyoto Protocol Adoption

COP3 Final Morning: Still No Agreement
COP3 Conference Reaches Peak

COP3 conference starts cabinet meeting
Chairman Estrada optimistic on Kyoto Protocol
GLOBE symposium for COP3 in Kyoto

Heated discussion on nuclear power generation

Industry on global warming
Lobbying at COP3
Study meeting of religious followers

CO2 reduction urged by "power to the people"
Japan's PM and three cabinet members to attend COP3
Climate Forum invites participants from developing countries

NGO press conference

U.S. supports differentiation
Adoption of a "Net System"

Opening of the Kyoto COP3 Conference

The President of the Republic of Nauru arrives in Kyoto
Greenpeace representatives arrive in Kyoto
Assembly of 1000 environmental NGO members

Final global warming talks begin Monday
The Eco-relay bicycle campaign reaches its goal on the 29th
NGO's coming from Europe by train and boat


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