Kyoto Shimbun 1997.11.29

Kinza Godfrey Clodumar, presidentof the Republic of Nauru

The President of the Republic of Nauru arrives in Kyoto

Kinza Godfrey Clodumar, president of the Republic of Nauru in the South Pacific, arrived in Kyoto on the evening of the 28th for COP3, which begins on December 1. As the one of the leading representatives, President Clodumar expressed his concern that if COP3 is not successful, his country will sink into the ocean due to rising ocean waters resulting from global warming. President Clodumar emphasized that no compromises can be made in negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol.

Group of Greenpeace representatives arrive in Kyoto

A group of representatives from the international environmental protection organization Greenpeace arrived in Kyoto on November 28. Led by Janet Dalziell, the group will be participating in COP3.

Assembly of 1000 environmental NGO members

On November 28, just prior to the opening of COP3, members of environmental NGO's (non-governmental organization) from around the world such as Greenpeace began to assemble in Kyoto. More than 1000 representatives of NGO's are expected to participate in the conference.