Kyoto Shimbun 1997.12.5

The spirit that knows what is enough

Study meeting of religious followers

Approximately 60 Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus from 20countries in Asia, the Americas and Europe assembled on December 1 at theKansai Seminar House in Kyoto City. There, the group held a studymeeting on the theme of "Cooperation of the Religious in Preventing GlobalWarming".

The meeting was sponsored by the Association of Christian Institutes forSocial Concern in Asia (ACISCA), which tackles social problems. Membersof the World Council of Churches (WCC, headquarters in Geneva), which is anofficial COP3 NGO, also attended the meeting.

Dr. David Hallman (Canada), WCC Climatic Change Problem Coordinator,spokeat the meeting. Dr. Hallman emphasized that a fundamental mission ofreligion is to work for a simply life, not the modern life of luxury thatgives priority to industry, and that we approach the land of God througha spiritual life of knowing what is enough, a spiritual life that exceedsraces and nationalities.

Masao Takenaka, Director of the Japan C, a spiritual life that exceeds problem of humankind moving away from nature, and the serious results itcan have, as exemplified by the mercury poisoning tragedy at Mizumata.Satoshi Iwamoto, Director of the Citizens Alliance for Saving theAtmosphere and the Earth (CASA), a group concerned with the globalenvironment and atmospheric pollution, also presented a talk ondevelopment in Asia and environmental pollution.

The group will be holding additional public symposiums and events duringthe conference.