Kyoto Shimbun 1997.12.9

Kyoto COP3 conference starts cabinet meeting

Hashimoto urges leaders to make political decision

The cabinet meeting of the Kyoto COP3 Conference (the 3rd Session of theConference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change) began at 10:00 a.m. on December 8 at the KyotoInternational Conference Hall in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto. Japanese PrimeMinister Ryutaro Hashimoto and other cabinet members from around the worldemphasized the importance of overcoming differences of opinion between thevarious nations, and working out an agreement that will insure a safefuture for all life forms on our earth. U. S. Vice President Goredelivered a speech to the conference in which he stressed the need for "newproposals at this meeting". While Mr. Gore did not go into specifics, hedid show a flexible stance towards agreement on the Kyoto Protocol. Ifagreed upon, the Kyoto Protocol will be the first international protocol tolegally bind participants to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Thesuccess of this protocol is now dependent upon participants making thenecessary political decisions within the 3-day cabinet meeting.