Kyoto Shimbun 1997.12.9

Chairman Estrada optimistic on Kyoto Protocol

Chairman Estrada
Chairman Raul Estrada-Oyuela of the Kyoto COP3 Conference Committee of the Whole spoke at the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE) symposium, which was held in a hotel in Sakyo Ward,Kyoto. Chairman Estrada took an optimistic stance on the likely outcome ofthe meeting, commenting that "while the diplomatic negotiations lookcomplicated when seen from the outside, things are actually moving alongrelatively well."

Chairman Estrada explained that there are two possibilities open tonegotiators. "Participants will need to choose between pushing for successin a political manner as is often done in diplomatic negotiations, andtrying to raise the overall reliability and transparency of the agreement."

Regarding the acceptance of the Protocol, Chairman Estrada showed hisoptimism by stating that "when the ministerial negotiations and EU Environmental Council meeting start, participants will begin by making verytough proposals, and these will serve as a starting point. We have alreadyreached agreement on the use of the "net method" (used to calculate theamount of CO2 absorbed by forests), and I think the things will cometogether. I don't think that the targets that are accepted will beespecially high, but we can expect a highly transparent and reliableagreement."

Regarding whether or not developing nations should be required to reduceemissions of greenhouse gases, Chairman Estrada noted that "even amongdeveloped nations, only Switzerland, Germany, Czechoslovakia have been ableto reduce emissions. It is not realistic to think that the developingnations will agree to do something that the developed nations have not beenable to do."