Kyoto Shimbun 1997.12.9

Failure is not seen as an option / Symposium held in Kyoto

The climate change symposium of the Global Legislators Organization for aBalanced Environment (GLOBE) was held on December 7 at a hotel in SakyoWard, Kyoto. Approximate seventy cabinet members from 31 countries andfrom the European Parliament participated in the symposium, and called forefforts to help bring success to the Kyoto Conference on global warming.

"Even if we bring this week to a successful end, we will have just arrivedat the starting line. If we allow these talks to fail, it will have graveconsequences for our future," warned Chairman Tom Spencer, President ofGLOBE International during his speech to the symposium.

Upper House assemblyman Alvarez Heherson of the Philippines appealed forpositive actions regardless of the outcome of the conference, saying "evenif we cannot reach agreement here in Kyoto, each government and localcommunity should move forward with whatever actions can be taken to reduceemissions of global warming gases."

"If we fail and end up with an agreement full of loopholes, I will not beable to return home and tell my country that we made progress," saidcongressman Steen Gade of Denmark.