祇園祭 山鉾紹介


巡行の順番 後祭 2 くじ取らず (2018年)
住所 京都市中京区新町通六角下ル六角町
説明  北観音山 応仁の乱の時代から隣町の南観音山と、1年おきの交代で山を出していたといわれる。隔年にでるというのは例がなく、この両山だけ。もとはかき山だったが、後に曳き山になった。楊柳観音像と韋駄天立像を安置する。鉾ではないので真木の代わりに真松を立てる。松は、毎年鳴滝から届けられ、籤で所有を決めている。史料には「左三の枝に尾長鳥あり」とあるが、いまは鳩が留まる。北観音山に、尾長鳥が留まっている。
山建て 19日午前6時~
曳き初め 20日午後3時
English Kitakannon-yama
This float and Minami-Kannon Yama of the neighboring block had alternately participated in the procession every other year from the Onin-no-ran Battle in the 15th century until around 1864. No other yama or hoko floats participated biyearly in the procession. It was originally carried on shoulders, but now is drawn. The images of "Yoryu Kannon" (the Goddess of Mercy) and "Idaten" (a guardian deity) are enshrined on the float. As it is not a hoko float, Kita Kannon Yama has "shin-matsu" (a pine tree) instead of a mast-like wooden pole called "shingi". The two pine trees are delivered from Narutaki, the northwestern area of Kyoto. Kita-Kannon Yama and Minami-Kannon Yama draw lots for the pine trees to decide which will belongs to which float. Although some historical documents say that a figure of an "'onagadori' (a long-tailed cock) perches on the third branch on the left side of the float", a pigeon figure perches there now instead. Minami-Kannon Yama has an onagadori figure on its pine tree.
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