Benishidare Concert in Heianjingu 2019


Benishidare Concert in Heianjingu which began in 1989(Heisei era)year and has been walking with the time of Heisei.You can appreciate the healing music playd on the higashishin-en Victory Hall while slowly walking around the garden.Please enjoy the melody ofthe final year of Heisei era by artists who habe colored the red-weeping cherry blossom lighat up and 30 years of history gorgeously.


There are about three handred
cherry trees in Heian-jingu Shrine.
About half of them are "Benishidare-zakura"
(with deep red blossoms).
You will see beautiful cherry trees blooming
in Minami-Shin'en (south garden)

and Higashi-Shin'en (east garden),
and enjoy on-stage performances by featured artists.

18:15〜21:00(Last admission 20:30)
  • performance1st:18:40〜19:20
  • performance2nd:19:50〜20:30
  • ※There are no seats in the vanue.Please enjoy while walking around.
Heian Jingu Shrine



Admission fee:2,000yen
Advance tickets:1,700yen

  • ※Admission tickts are required for all visitors who are elementary school students or above.
  • ※The first and second performances are used same tickets.
  • ※Once your order has been completed,there are no changes and no refunds sllowed.
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