Try to Learn the Kyoto Dialect,
Kyo Kotoba.

The Kyoto dialect, Kyo Kotoba, which has a long history and developed in Kyoto's own refined culture, has a unique sound apart from standard Japanese. Moreover, the implication of a word changes according to place, time, relationship between people and subtle pronunciation.

Ms. Hiromi Ichida explained to us the meaning of some expressions of the Kyoto dialect which can not be grasped by simply reading their characters.

Yo- Iwanwa I am astounded. (
Anna- He- Well, listen to this. (
(Maa,Junsainakoto) That's irresponsible of you./
That was a half-hearted effort.
kore,Nanbo? How much is this ? (
Anta,Ikezuyawa- You're teasing me. (
Ohayo- Okaeriyasu Hurry home.(Said to someone
who is usually a family member when they are leaving home.)
Hona,Itesanjimasu I'm leaving now. (
Iya Kananwa- No./ I don't like that.
(Said lightly.)
Oideyasu Welcome./ Can I help you ?
(Said by shopkeeper to customer.)
Oyakamassandosita I hope that I haven't been a bother.
(Said after visiting someone.)
Honmani,Omattousandosita I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. (
Kore,Ko-tenka Please buy this for me.
(Usually said by a child to an adult.)
Kizutunaikotoyawa- (Said in a light fashion.)
That makes me feel uncomfortable; That makes me nervous.
Chotto,Osyoyu Kattekuruwa I'm going to borrow some (soy sauce). (
Kore,Okunai Please give me this.
/ I would like to buy this.
I-ya,Daijiohen No problem./ I have no objection./It's okay. (
Akashimasen No./ I can't./ I won't. (
Donkusaina-,Mou You are so slow. (
Ohkini Thank you. (
Hona,Sainara See you later./ Good-bye./So long. (

A Profile of Hiromi Ichida

Hiromi Ichida is a researcher of apparel, a lecturer at Ohtani Women's Junior College and chairperson of the Japan Kimono Development Association. She has been active as a fashion commentator since 1961 appearing on television and writing magazine articles. She has also produced and directed Kimono Shows in over 50 cities around the world. In 1995, she was recieved an award from the All Japan Association of Cities, Towns and Villages Involved in the Kimono Industry as a person who has rendered distinguished service in the promotion of the Kimono. Author of many books.

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