Kyoto Shimbun 2002.5.4 News

The Saioudai putting the hands into the river to purify herself in "Ceremony of Misogi"

  Before Aoimatsuri-festival, which highlights the beginning of summer, "Ceremony of Misogi" was held at Kamigamojinja-shrine in Kitaku-district in Kyoto city. In the ceremony, the heroin Saioudai and the lady-attendants purified themselves. A lot of tourists gazed in the ceremony in the precincts surrounded by fresh vendure.

  "Ceremony of Misogi" is customary event before Aoimatsuri-festival and is held every year, switching the place between Kamigamojinja-shrine and Shimogamojinja-shrine.  Starting with Saioudai Ayako Kurato (from Tokyo), 51 ladies left the shrinegate and proceeded on to the hashidono. After purification at hashidono, Saioudai went on to the waterside and purified herself by putting the hands in the Mitarashi-river.

  Ms. Kurato talked," The ceremony refreshed me and made me sense of self-renewal. Keeping this feeling in my mind, I want to perform my role as Saioudai."

Picture= The Saioudai Ayako Kurato putting the hands into the river to purify herself. (Kamigamijinja-shrine at Kitaku-district, Kyoto city)