Kyoto Shimbun 2007.5.31 News

Enjoying Garden of Green Maple Leaves
Hogonin Temple Special Opening from June 10

With the theme of "Aomomiji," or green maple leaves, Hogonin Temple, a secondary temple of Tenryu-ji Temple, in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, in association with Keifuku Electric Railroad, will be specially opened to the public from June 10. There will also be a number of events held within the temple's precincts to celebrate next year's 1000th anniversary of The Tale of Genji.

The events have been planned to stimulate tourism in Arashiyama, where there has been a tendency for the number of visitors to decrease in early summer. Hogonin Temple is known for its "Kaiyushiki," or strolling-style garden called "Shishiku no Niwa," as well as its colorful autumn leaves. In a normal year the temple would not be open to the public at this time, but this year its verdurous precincts will be on display until June 22.

There will be five events held at Hogonin Temple including costuming in "Junihitoe," or traditional multi-layer court costume, and "Noh Shozoku," or Noh costume. The first event, which will be held on June 10, will include a Noh performance followed by boating on the nearby Oigawa River. Hogonin Temple will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Participation in each event is limited to a maximum of 40 people, and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a 500 yen entrance fee. Participation fees range from 3000 to 15,000 yen depending on the event. For application, call Keifuku Electric Railroad at 075-801-5315 (Japanese language inquiries only).

(translated by Galileo, Inc.)

Photo= Hogonin Temple's specially opened precincts (Ukyo Ward, Kyoto)